French Lavender Hydrosol Harvest

What a pleasure it is to harvest French Lavender, on this cool and overcast Southern California day, from our infant permaculture garden on our humble property in Encintas, Ca. This harvest is for our first distillation of lavender hydrosol.

Wild Craft Oils - Lavender

Clipping the French Lavender releases its sweet aroma, and we can't help but hope the hydrosol will capture this essence of the plant. 

French Lavender - Wild Craft Oils

Some of the plants that can be seen in the photographs of our front garden are French Lavender, Black Cobra Peppers, Rose Geranium, Mustard, Nasturtium,  Borage, Chamomile, Thai Peppers, and what every garden needs....a few good weeds. 

French Lavender - Wild Craft Oils
French Lavender - Wild Craft Oils

We had the privilege of harvesting some of the French Lavender for this distillation from our dear friend and gardening angel, Dawne. Thank you Dawne!!

French Lavender - Wild Craft Oils

We really enjoyed working in the garden together this afternoon.

While writing this, we are distilling the lavender.  The first drips of distillate are already more wonderful than we could have imagined.  It has the aroma of a floral dessert that you want to take a bite of. 

French Lavender - Wild Craft Oils
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