What are Hydrosols?

What are Hydrosols?

Hydrosols are the floral waters that are produced in addition to essential oils through the distillation process. These waters are saturated with the essence of the plant just like essential oils are. They are are what remains when the oil “pops” out of the condensed steam.

Like essential oils, hydrosols have many therapeutic and health supporting benefits. But they are much milder than essential oils. Hydrosols match the composition of the human body, as we are also made up of a high percentage of water ourselves. 

Hydrosols are slightly acidic and thus make a unwelcoming environment for bacteria. Hydrosols should be refrigerated. They can last up to one to two years, but must be kept as sterile as possible.  Because of their pH, they can be toning to the skin. If you haven’t tried using hydrosols, you are in for a treat!

Artemesia californica hydrosol in the seperator. 

Artemesia californica hydrosol in the seperator. 

Here are some of the ways you can use Hydrosols:

~Facial Toner~Aftershave (Cypress is a good one for aftershave)

~Gentle Hair Fragrancing Spray

~Deodorant Spray

~Foot Spray

~Anti-Itch Spray

~Air Freshening Spray (Peppermint makes a wonderful room spray)

~Linen Spray

~Mild Insect Repellent (certain hydrosols work, like Eucalyptus)

~Calming Spray~Purification Spray (Cleveland Sage is wonderful)

~Anti-inflammatory Spray (Artemesia californica is amazing!)

~Compresses & Poultices, use the hydrosol instead of water 

~Add to Bath Water, for a soothing / therapeutic bath, 1-8 oz hydrosol can be added

~Energizing Spray

~Foot Bath, use 1-3 Tbsp.

~After Sun Cooling Spray, (Apple is wonderful for this!)