Wildcrafting, is the practice of sustainably harvesting plants from their wild or natural habitat.  It is a very reverent practice and requires extreme responsibility.  We only collect plants with permission from those who oversee / own the land where we wildcraft.  We collect small amounts of plant material from many different plants of the same species in order to leave the plants in healthy condition to continue thriving.  We return to the locations where we have wildcrafted, periodically, to see how the plants are faring after we have collected there.  For us, wildcrafting is about interacting with nature in a circular way.  We gratefully collect the plant material and do everything we can to leave little to no footprint.  The goal is to leave things better than we found them if possible.

Note:  We distill cultivated plants, as well as wildcrafted.  All plants distilled, whether wild or cultivated, are unsprayed and chemical free.  And all water used in the distillation process is either spring water or purified water.