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2oz. $10  |  4oz. $18

California Sagebrush   (Artemisia californica) *  native

Rose Geranium   (Pelargonium graveolens) *

White Sage   (Salvia apiana) *  native

Lemon Verbena   (Aloysia citrodora) *

Helichrysum   (Helichrysum italicum) *

Lemon Balm   (Melissa officinalis) *

Bay Laurel   (Laurus nobilis) *

Lime   (Citrus aurantifolia) *

Lemongrass   (Cymbopogon citratus) *

Cleveland Sage  (Salvia clevelandii) *  native

star * = in Stock and available  |  native = native to Southern California


We have a variety of hydrosols available to throughout the year.  Our stock is based on the cycles of the plants that we distill.  Therefore, the hydrosols we have in stock will vary based on what can be distilled in different seasons.  But because of their long shelf life, when stored properly, we usually have lots of hydrosols to choose from.



To pick up your orders please visit us during our OPEN DISTILLERY HOURS or make an appointment via EMAIL.



We only ship within the U.S. and use Priority two-day shipping to expedite the delivery of our hydrosols, keeping them as fresh as possible.  Send us an EMAIL with any questions regarding shipping.